What is a Mermaid Pillow?

A mermaid pillow is a “Funtastic” magical pillow made with reversible sequins. The “Mermaid Pillow” changes colour when you stroke a section with your hand, Magical isn’t it? Well the sequin colours are different on both sides giving it a magical look when you run your fingers through the fabric and watch as the colour changes. With this pillow you can create your own designs depending on your mood. Simply a perfect pillow for all ages.

Types of Mermaid Pillows?

Hottest Trend in Home Decor

Our range of Mermaid pillows come in a variety of elegant designs/colours which are available in different sizes. If you have any designs that you want on the pillow, then fill in the contact us page and we’ll be happy to help.

Our beautiful, eye catching color-changing sequin mermaid pillows are undoubtedly the hottest trend in the world of home decor. The illusive pillow’s colour changes when you draw your fingers on them. This is a perfect gift for your special loved one and can help in adding the special touch to your home decor. Browse and shop your mermaid pillows here. (We ship from London)



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Why Choose Decorative Mermaid Pillow Covers?


All our Mermaid Pillows are handcrafted by our in-house pillow experts.

Free Delivery

We offer FREE delivery for orders over £100 across the UK.

Visually Stimulating

This pillow will add a pop of colour to your couches, bedrooms and more.

Choice of Colours

We have a large variety of two-tone colour combinations to choose from.

Choose Your Size

Our pillows come in a variety of sizes from 18 x 18 to 10 x 10.


It makes a perfect gift for that someone special.

Fancy, Decorative Cushions With Colour-Changing Sequin Technology

Welcome To Mermaid Pillows

We specialise in decorative pillows that change colour, ideal for any home décor environment. As passionate designers and home fashion experts, our goal is to provide a versatile product that can suit the exquisite tastes of the modern home.

You can browse our range here, our read on to learn how our pillows can improve and compliment your existing home décor!

Sequin Technology

At the core of our design is the simple, yet elegant, use of sequins. Because we use a fine layer of sequins coloured differently on each side, our decorative cushions change colour when you brush your hand against them. Read more about our Pillow covers here.

This allows a great deal of creativity in any home. These sequin pillows can change according to your mood, making them a versatile choice for any environment. They also allow you to express your inner creativity and your guests will also love them. People can’t resist trying out our products once they see how easily they change colour!

The Leading Trend In Interior Design

Reversible sequin designs have been taking the interior design world by storm, as these items are now readily available for chic home owners across the country. Our pillows can blend into any environment, but are ready to stand out and make a scene when you need them too.

How much you get out of our pillows depends entirely on your imagination. You can completely change the colour for a new look, or use your hands to sculpt a new design or pattern. It’s this interactivity that allows our decorative pillows to add a refreshing element to your home, as well as providing a fun favourite with any house guests.

We’ve found out cushions to make excellent additions to a lounge or living room, as they can be scattered on the couch or sofa. Similarly, they make luxurious throw cushions for the bedroom, adding an extra touch of elegance.

Why Choose Mermaid Cushions?

Here at Mermaid Pillows, we only believe in providing the best. This includes our decorative cushions, as well as our customer service and quality assurance. Everything is produced and shipped right here in our London studio. As part of the experience with Mermaid Pillows, we also provide free shipping across the UK when you spend £100 or more!

Handmade Craftsmanship

All of our items are handmade. We believe in only offering the best quality cushions and this process ensures that every item is to our highest standards. Our decorative pillows also come in a number of sizes, to better suit your home’s interior, as well as a choice of colour combinations. We can also either provide you with the whole cushion, or just the sequin covers.

Of course, because we make each and every item by hand, we can accommodate custom requests, as well as wholesale orders. If you have something specific in mind, or just want to add a certain exquisite touch to your interior, please get in touch with us!

Watch this video

How it began

It all started when FOX 4’s reporter Steve Noviello from USA visited a small Nebraska Furniture store. There, he came across the “sequined cushions”. Upon seeing how amazing they were, he decided to take a video of them testing the reversible effect.This clip was first live streamed on Facebook. You can see Steve’s friend Michael drawing all over the pillow with his fingers, shifting the directions of the sequins to make stripes and letters. We have taken a video of how the sequins work. Get ready to be fascintated by the beautifully decorated sequin pillow.


Ready to Buy the Glamorous Mermaid Pillow Covers?

Ready to buy for your first Mermaid pillow? Why not, they’re highly addictive, therapeutic and a beautiful addition to your home decor. All the pillows are hand-made from two-tone colour combination sequins that are available in multiple sizes.

If you have a colour preference or require a different size that you cannot see on the site then please contact us and we’ll help you with it. Our one side pillows will have a matching coloured fabric on the other side. MermaidPillowShop offers these pillows at an affordable price. Please kindly register your interest and we’ll get back to you shortly.