About Us

At Mermaid Pillow Shop, we provide mermaid pillows of a high quality and at affordable prices. If you have been searching for a place to buy mermaid pillows for your home or as gifts, you have come to the right website.

Who We Are

We are a team of enthusiastic fashion and home décor designers. One fine day, we came across this incredible idea of pillows that could change color depending on the way you swiped your hand. Fascinated by this concept, we decided to make our very own mermaid pillows. Impressed by the result, we decided to share our creations with you. We created Mermaid Pillow Shop for that very reason in 2016.

Our Aim

When we first saw mermaid pillows for the first time, we were very impressed. We certainly wanted to get some for our own use. However, we noticed that the prices were quite high. We realized we were not alone and that the high prices were a problem for the other people as well.

We decided we would help others get their own mermaid pillows at affordable prices. That is our aim. We want to offer mermaid pillows of a good quality without making them prohibitively expensive for most people. After all, price shouldn’t be a factor in helping decorating your home.

Our Passions and Inspirations

In our quest for bringing you affordable mermaid pillows, we are making the fullest use of our passions and inspirations.

Our team was first brought together due to a love for fashion. All of us have been considerably interested in this enormous field for years. We cultivated this love and passion for fashion and ended up becoming fashion designers. Over the years, we have been inspired by the current fashion trends and we wanted to add our own styles to those trends. Our venture, Mermaid Pillow Shop, is a step in that direction.

We also have considerable interest in the textile industry which has proven to be a great source of inspiration from time to time. Due to our knowledge of this industry, we are able to ensure that the fabrics we use for the mermaid pillows are of exceptional quality. After all, we know you will not settle for anything than the best and that is exactly what we are offering here.

Our Inventory

Our inventory of mermaid pillows is as diverse as the world. We believe that fashion is not about following the trends blindly. Instead, it is about using those trends as an inspiration to come up with something that is just as personal and unique as you are. That defines our inventory very well. Our inventory contains a variety of mermaid pillows in different sizes. Of course, there are enough color combinations for you to find something that you will love. It isn’t difficult to find in our collection something that will suit your tastes and your home. For Wholesale orders please click here

Mermaid pillows have become one our passions. As a result, you will find pillows that have been created with love and passion here at Mermaid Pillow Shop.

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