How to Style Your House with Our Mermaid Pillows?

So far we’ve survived half of the year while discovering and purchasing trending items of 2017. One of them made a huge noise online because of the comfort and creativity it resonates – the mermaid pillow.

If you haven’t heard about mermaid pillows before, these are cushions designed with sequins crafted carefully to allow customers satisfy themselves by just a stroke of their palm. It has a magical vibe as it changes colours and patterns depending on your liking. No wonder online celebrities got obsessed with it.

But How Do We Style Your House with Mermaid Pillows?

    • Choose the right pair of sequin colors. Buying randomly isn’t really a good idea; overthinking about it is just the same. Think about the reason why you’re purchasing this product, is it because your friend told you to? Or you’re just getting into what’s hip? Well, think about your house. What kind of mermaid pillow would belong? Would the two colors gratify your fashion standards on different occasions? Get a good look at it!
    • Pick the correct size. An oversized mermaid pillow might be too much for a one-seater couch and 2 large-sized cushions might not fit with your queen-sized bed. To avoid these kinds of stress, focus on measurements after colors.
    • Browse for more options. There are unlimited types of soft pillows available online and on the nearest stores. Most entrepreneurs are aware that as the demand grows, they also have to upgrade their products. And if you’re lucky enough to find one unique design you’ve always wanted, it would definitely be worth it.


  • Place them at a spot where people can notice them straightaway. It’s not about showing off or bragging, it’s about entitling your home visitors to relax and enjoy your home. When displaying these comfortable cushions in your living room, make sure that it doesn’t mess with your theme. Place the small ones on one-seaters and if your couch is meant for 3-5 people, consider two 10×10 pillows on each side and one 10×18 in the middle. Remember, these are just the basics, experiment to see which color and pattern gives the vibe you’re aiming for.


If you’re not pleased enough on why mermaid cushions are a thing, here are some reasons why:

    • They’re absolutely comfortable. The sequins used are fine layered and tiny in which anyone can create intricate patterns with their fingers while watching their afternoon delight.
    • Creativity booster. Some say “out with the old and in with the new” but it doesn’t really have to be that way. Some designers agree that a few mermaid pillows placed near normal cushions can still do the magic. You do not need to get rid of the old ones, just present more attitude in it as an upgrade from  the old style.


  • Eye-catchy. It’s really pleasing for the eyes. See it yourself.

When it comes to interior design, colors and texture matters the most. And mermaid pillows gives more than that. If you feel like there’s more to what you can do with your home designs, these mermaid cushions might just do the trick. Take note of the tips mentioned above and your home will look better than before.

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