Mermaid Pillow Covers

When it comes to home furniture, how often do you get to combine creativity with comfort? Few household items are fluid, so creating a more interactive experience is not something many people instantly consider. However, luxury pillows that can change colour can a more unique touch to any home.

Mermaid pillows are quickly becoming one of the leading trends in many homes, as these charming pillow covers are widely appreciated for their simple charm, interactive elements and the ability to draw attention and spark a conversation or two.

How Do They Work?

Specifically, these mermaid pillow covers use sequin technology, allowing you to switch between two different colours with a touch of your finger. While you can simple change from one colour to the other, you can also create intricate patterns as well.

This works because the sequins are coloured differently on each side and your fingers gently cause them to display the other side. Because the sequins are so small, you can create intricate patterns. This allows anyone to express their creativity, or just watch in amazement. Try bringing these covers out the next time you have guests over – they make for a very surprising focal point!

Home Decor Tips

Okay, so now you know how these covers work, what’s the best way to utilise them? Due to their creative and interactive nature, these items work best in the busiest parts of the room, where there fluid nature can be appreciated the most. Naturally this makes them a great addition for any living rooms or lounge areas.

These covers typically come in a 40 x 40 cm size, or a larger 50 x 50 cm, making them ideal for protecting various scatter cushions and small pillows. This is where they will often be the most appreciated, too, as people can use them in a more relaxed environment.

Likewise, you could also use these cushions in the bedroom, or anywhere else where people may wish to sit, rest and relax. Because they are just covers, you can always save them for special events, when you want to add some extra elegance.

A Range Of Colours

Of course, you might also want to consider the colour and aesthetic of the overall room. Fortunately, you can find luxury pillows in a range of colours. As a result, you can easily find the two colours – as you should consider both possible colours for each cover – that match your room.

Typically colour combinations include:

  • Black and Blue
  • Black and Silver
  • Black and White
  • Blue and Silver
  • Pink and Gold
  • Red and Silver
  • Rose and Gold
  • Silver and Gold
  • White and Gold
  • White and Silver

As you can see, you can easily choose between warm and cold colours, or even a sheer black and white contrast, for more modern interior designs. Additionally, their small size means that you can often use complimentary tones or an accenting shade. These items are discrete enough to not disturb any existing aesthetic yet, with a little vibrancy, they can also stand out and be noticed on the sofa.

So, if you’re looking for something a little exciting to uplift your home, why not try a few colour-changing, luxury pillows?