Personalised Mermaid Pillow

Mermaid Pillows: Have One As Your Personalised Gift

Pillows are great, especially if they are soft, and beautifully designed. Be it a gift, or simply an additional decor in your home, our personalised mermaid pillows are beyond elegant. Each  pillow is carefully designed with reversible sequins that changes colour when you run your fingers through the fabric with your hand. The colors are also different on both sides which gives the pillow a magic-like impression.

Personalised Mermaid Pillows In Different Colors and Sizes

Every room needs a little glam. A series of the ever-changing color of sequins defines our mermaid pillow cover, which adds a relaxed touch and shimmer to any bed or sofa.

We offer only the best mermaid pillow there is, in many sizes and colors for all ages. Cushions, fabrics, especially sequins are carefully selected and of course, there is a pillow size for anyone who wants it on a more personal level which you can enjoy as our personalised sequined pillows are handcrafted and easy to wash.

We have a vast collection of sequined mermaid pillows and have become the most sought-after custom pillows on the market today. Get one now with your own design and see how these pillows provide relaxation on bedtime. Because they change colours once stroked with your hand, they time fly by, and that they’re fun to play with. They make great gifts especially to professionals as their giveaways at the office.

Why Choose Our Mermaid Pillows

Each custom made pillow is made only from best sources of materials and we have sold many as personal items in their homes or as gifts. They are also good for kids and can keep them busy by just gently stroking the sequined fabric for as long as they like. Our mermaid pillows work great for little kids who are only learning to write the alphabets and numbers. They can draw on the fabric with their fingers, too!

Browse through our Mermaid Pillow Shop and you will find that our unique sequined pillows are

  • High quality coloured fabrics and sequins
  • Can be used as lavish home decor
  • They make an extra-special gift or giveaway for family and friends
  • We have over a hundred different colours and designs of personalised mermaid pillows available for you to create or choose from
  • FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £100 and have it delivered in 5 days

Personalised Mermaid Pillows In Your Home

Our custom-made personalised sequined pillows make for a great accent in every home. Not only Mermaid Pillow Shop offers comfortable cushions, we only make the elegant-looking, stylish pillows that look good on furnitures.

Mermaid sequined pillows are just among the many trends that we follow and get crazy about these days. Whether you want a couple or so in the bedroom or in the living room, rest assured that our personalised mermaid cushions stand out and get noticed right away.

Browse now through our selection of personalised mermaid pillows and select what’s best for your home needs or giftables.