Fidget Cube – Cheap Anti-Stress Fidget Cubes

£14.99 £5.99


Fidget Cube – Cheap Anti-Stress Fidget Cubes

£14.99 £5.99

Fidget cube is a highly addictive Anti- Stress desk toy that is designed you to focus and reduce your stress levels. Buy Cheap Fidget cube and fidget at work at your desk or at home. Fidget Cube – The weight of the Fidget Cube is approximately 4.1 ounces. Its whole measurement is 1.3 inches. The cube even comes in 8 different color schemes, which are retro, fresh, berry, sunset, aqua, midnight, graphite and die. Each side of this toy comes with its mechanism independent from the other. It provides a lot of fidgeting options for every individual. There are even buttons where you can click it for a lot of times, which resembles that of a pen.

On another side, you’ll find 3 clicker buttons and 2 silenced buttons. It lets you fidget on these features without disturbing the people around you. Turn it to another surface, and you’ll find a stone that lets the user rub their stress away. On another side, you’ll find a moveable joystick that suits your needs using its gliding action. There is also the switch, designed in a way that you can click it, roll the gears, spin dial and a ball to play with your fingers. The inventors of the Fidget Ball had 2 things in mind – for it to be a premium desk toy and functionality that needs to truly satisfy the individual’s fidgeting needs.

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Cheap Fidget cube is a highly addictive Anti- Stress desk toy that is designed you to focus and reduce your stress levels. Fidget at work at your desk or at home. This is a pocket-sized toy with 6 tactile surfaces that allow its user to flip, click, roll, glide and roll over to your heart’s satisfaction. This invention is made by Mark and Matthew McLachlan, 2 brothers behind the design of the Duet accessory for Apple Watch. These two claim that they are fidgeters themselves, which is why they created the toy as a way of changing the perception of society regarding these small movements.

How to Relief Stress with a Fidget Cube

Each person has their way of dealing stress. May it be something to do with having a night out, running early in the morning; or when you are working at the office you tend to click on pens, squeeze stress balls or flipping the paper clips – the ways can be endless. But two brothers thought of something else on how they are going to address their stress. They’ve come up with a new method that will let you shuffle through discretely right at your desk. This method does not disturb or affect your work. In fact, it will help you get more focused and productive. It is the Fidget Cube.

Not all people are aware that fidgeting is bad, yet this is a common recurrence in society. It is usually seen negatively. This is claimed at the level of unprofessional behavior, especially in a work place. Many condemn it as the opposite of being intellectual.

Some experts in the medical field believe that people who fidget are a way to distract areas of the brain that has become idle or bored while at work. Doing this will allow the other areas to pay attention to the current task. There are also research wherein it shows how they found a link between working with the hands and an increase in both creativity and memory. Thus the innovation of the two brothers aims for that.




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