Tips to Shop for the Right Decorative Pillow Style

Shopping for the right pillow style for your room is not an easy work. It’s true that choosing the right fabric texture and color can give a room an all new different feel. But then selecting the right luxury pillow becomes overwhelming when you are surrounded by thousands of great throw pillows.

Here are some invaluable tips that can help you to shop for the right kind of throw pillows for your room.

  1. Go for Cohesive Color Palettes

Choosing decorative pillows of complimentary or the same shades can help you to get the most impact out of your room.

  1. Purchase Pillows in Odd Numbers

Odd numbers tend to be more artful in design. Try out odd numbers like one, three, five…depending on your furniture type and size. For example, if it is a chair, then choose one pillow but if your furniture is a standard 88-inch sofa, then you can go ahead and throw around three to five mermaid pillows.

  1. Consider the Size

Visually, in a sofa arrangement, small pillows should be occupying the inside part of the sofa and the big ones should be occupying the far corners.

Besides, there is also the matter of comfort. If you have a sofa with typical dimensions, then shop for pillows having the standard size of 18 inches. You can even go ahead and create a casual and lounge-like feel by throwing some 24 inches oversized pillows. On the other hand, if you have modern sofa with a very low back, then you can consider going for 16 inches pillow size.

Add the larger pillows to the side so they do not fall in your way. Placing the smaller pillows in the center will prevent it from taking up all the room.

  1. Know the Fill Type

Decorative pillows add comfort to your couch. Therefore, it is important to consider the fill type when you purchase decorative pillows. This will contribute much to the shape and the lush. If you want a squishier feel, then pick out pillows that have feather fill inside.  Synthetic or foam fills on the other hand will make the cushions feel stiffer.

  1. Choose Your Texture

Shiny pillows arranged on a fuzzy couch or nubby linen placed against silk or smooth leather upholstery adds different warmth to the furniture. Therefore, mixing and matching the texture is an important task that you cannot leave out when you go out to shop for decorative mermaid pillows.

  1. Create an Interesting Pillow-scape

Consider the principle formula to creating an interesting pillow-scape on your sofa – one solid print, one big print and one small print.

Keep your big or busy prints for the large pillows, since this will help to set up the tone for the entire room space. You can go for stripes or plaid works on the smaller pillows.

Another way to create a unique pillow-scape on your sofa is to pair your sofa color with one oblong solid pattern for the center of the couch and two interesting outliers that will compliment that color of your upholstery and the other pillow color.

Once you are well aware of the basics, you are ready to go for some fun pillow shopping for now you know which pillow style to pick out like a pro.

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