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Mermaid pillows have become the hottest new home décor accessories in the world. Ever since a video of these pillows in action was uploaded to the internet, people everywhere have been asking about them. As a result of this popularity, you might be looking to buy these pillows in bulk to use as gifts or in your own home. Of course, you need to buy wholesale mermaid pillows in such cases and that is exactly what we at Mermaid Pillow Shop can offer.


What Are Mermaid Pillows?

Mermaid pillows are a kind of throw pillows. Throw pillows are used as decorative items that are placed on armchairs, on sofas and even on beds. They are used to improve the aesthetic looks of a room by emphasizing the décor and the color scheme. Throw pillows can also be functional as they can provide support for the neck, the back or the head.


Unlike regular throw pillows, mermaid pillows have a sequin fabric covering. The sequins have two colors, one on each side. Therefore, a different color appears based on the way you move your hand on the fabric. This allows you to create incredible designs that can be customized as per your wishes.

When buying wholesale mermaid pillows, there are a number of things you will be considering such as shape, materials and designs.


Where to Buy Them From?

You shouldn’t buy wholesale mermaid pillows from just about anywhere. After all, the quality might just not be good enough. At Mermaid Pillow Shop, we make sure that all of our mermaid pillows have been made with high quality materials. Moreover, we offer free shipping on orders above £100 in the United Kingdom. That means you can save more money. There are other reasons why you might want to buy from us.


We Offer the most Popular Shapes and Sizes

Mermaid and throw pillows can have a variety of two-tone colours. We manufacture the best and the most popular colours for you. The sizes of the mermaid pillows we offer range from 10 to 18 inches. These sizes are perfect for most couches and chairs. If you want any smaller and larger sizes please contact us and we’ll arrange this for you. Our popular square pillows are easier to use as a decorative element. Therefore, they are better choices as gifts. We at Mermaid Pillow Shop provide pillows of these sizes and shapes.


Our Products Are Handmade

All of our products are made by hand. Therefore, we tend to make sure that every pillow that passes through our hands has been crafted beautifully. Their high quality is also maintained as a result. You will have no troubles in making use of these pillows.


We Offer a Lovely Choice of Colors

There are many two-tone color options available for you to take your pick from. All of these colors are visually stimulating and they look great. These pillows are guaranteed to add a dash of color to your rooms effortlessly.

Whether you are looking to improve your room décor or for a unique gift, the mermaid pillows at Mermaid Pillow Shop will be perfect for you.