Why You Should Have a Mermaid Blankets

The winter season comes around yearly and no one can really walk away from it entirely. But are winters really that bad? Or can we use that season to stay inside the comfort of our homes, binge-watch our favorite TV shows, drink a cup of tea, and just forget about the snow that’s probably blocking the doorway at this moment. There surely are some options.


You can also feel less chilly with this new trend: The Mermaid Blankets. The name itself is already giving away a lot of details. This blanket can be made out of yarn – as some DIY lovers prefer to crochet – or you can use the best fabrics for blankets like cotton, wool, fleece, down, synthetics, or vellux.


Creating your own mermaid blanket can be your 2018 goal. But if you are one of those who cannot because of the busy schedule, you can purchase one on the nearest mall or online. It’s just a matter of knowing what type of mermaid blanket you are looking for, and why you’re buying it. Here are some reasons why you should:


There’s No Need for Sharing

Unlike the traditional blankets, mermaid blankets can be worn like a mermaid wears its tail. It can be your own blanket. You can move and roll freely on the bed without losing it to another person or slipping away from it. It’s like you are an ice cream in a cone, ready to get comfy and watch a primetime show.


You Can Carry It Anywhere

This special kind of blanket is like a piece of clothing, you can even treat it like a onesie. And what’s good about this thing is that, you can carry them around. In a flight, a sleepover, or maybe just outside if the weather isn’t too cold for you anymore. It also keeps you away from mosquito bites because these mermaid blankets cover all of your legs, again, just like a mermaid.


If You Loved It, So Will Your Kids

Our mermaid blankets are absolutely appealing to both kids and adults. That’s why we have it in different sizes. Who else wants to be a mermaid than kids, right? Let their fairytales come true by letting them wear a kid-sized mermaid blanket at bedtime. Play that Disney tune and let them flip their tails as they want. You can also give one to your little boy by choosing a design that will make them feel manly. They can be used during playtime too as they let their imagination take them under the sea.


Keep Up with the Trend

Did we forget to mention that these blankets are bestsellers? Celebrities are even making sure that they get one for themselves. Now, maybe it’s time for you and your folks to have one too.


At the end of the day, blankets are important when the sweater weather is in. But it does not really have to be boring, especially now that ideas like these are doing well in the market.

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